Eyebrow Threading

I’ve never had my eyebrows done, ever. My eyebrows were a mess. I was too lazy and didn’t want to put myself through the unnecessary pain using useless Superdrug eyebrow waxing strips and plucking them.

So this blog post is dedicated to all those that have no idea how much threading hurts and what to expect.

In the end, I decided to treat myself to eyebrow shaping and threading. I heard it had been very painful but I thought ‘I can tolerate it, how bad can it be?’ The answer is very very bad. It was SO painful! I didn’t know what to expect either apart from the use of a similar string to dental floss.
After nervously and very squeakily asking to get my eyebrows shaped I was told to sit in a chair cross between a dentist’s and a hair dresser’s. I felt so so awkward, I was wrapped in my winter coat with a scarf covering all my chins as I laid awkwardly at an angle.
I’ve never been very good at being able to understand foreign accents and needless to say this woman had a foreign accent. She told me to stretch, for some reason all I could think was ‘why would I need to do a yoga pose,’ yet what she actually meant was to pull my forehead up and pull my eyelid down, before she mutilated under my eyebrow. Oddly I thought it would hurt more than the top of my eyebrow, but it didn’t. It hurt much less but maybe by this point I was more tolerant to the pain and was expecting the worst.

Once it was done, the beautician offered some cream to put on my freshly threaded eyebrows. Yes, please! I hoped, I even prayed that it would soothe the stinging pain, I was clenching my jaw so hard that it was beginning to hurt in order to stop me from crying.
She rubbed the cream thoroughly into my eyebrows and I thought the pain was lessening. Oh, how I was wrong! I finished paying £4.50 for the treatment (a really good deal if you ask me) and I could feel it burning. People were looking at me as I was leaving the shopping centre and I couldn’t understand why. I knew they would be a bit red and sore but I didn’t expect to take a snapchat selfie and see just how red and sore they were. I’d had an allergic reaction to the cream. Typical. That’s just my luck. I honestly couldn’t wait to buy curry and walk home as to avoid people looking at my head. I am lucky enough to have a full fringe so it does cover my eyebrows a bit but after being pushed back whilst having them done it meant my hair was a bit of a mess; so everyone could see the red rash on forehead and eyes.

Despite this unfortunate and embarrassing event, the rash has finally gone down mostly, my skin still hurts but my eyebrows look incredible! I would say the pain was worth it but I’ll see how I feel (and look) when I put on makeup and do my eyebrows. I do recommend it but I wish someone told me what to expect before I walked in earlier today.


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