Settling in to Semester 2

It’s currently week 3 of the second and last semester. 10 weeks and counting left plus the Easter holiday in between. There’s still so much left to get done whilst in Oxford before I leave this year behind and get ready to start my summer holidays. Finally I’ll be able to relax without feeling guilty about it!

Semester 2 has already gone off with a bang. We have a new flat mate in our halls of residence, food has mysteriously gone missing (but we all have our sneaky suspicions) and one of my closest friends from within the flat who I was meant to be moving in with has decided she wants to leave at the end of the year. We’re (all two of us) are yet to find accommodation for next year – leaving it to the last minute I know. It’s beginning to stress me out a little bit but I’ll get it sorted within the next couple of weeks hopefully.

I’m loving my new timetable even though it does require me getting up early and having one full day; BUT it means I get two days off which is perfect as I work the weekend and I can treat a Thursday and Friday as my own weekend. As much as I love my new timetable I hate the fact that my deadlines are once again looming in the distance and I haven’t started or sat down and had a look at them properly yet. I’ll sort that out next week.

I have a jam packed week, of seeing family on Thursday, Valentines Day celebrations spread over today (Tuesday) and Friday when myself and my boyfriend go to London to explore the capital again. We’ve decided to try out the Blind Pig pub(?) for some delicious cocktails as seen on a Facebook video featuring Butterbeer (Harry Potter), Huneypot (Winnie The Pooh), Dream Jar (The BFG) and a cocktail inspired by Treasure Island.  Hopefully we’ll be able to go to Harrods as I have yet to explore that exciting store and then Camden Town because I loved it when I visited two years ago.

Since the Christmas holidays, I had kept wanting to go to the gym when I came back to uni and I did join the PureGym near me. It took me just over a week to muster the courage up and go but I was very proud of myself when I did. I’ve been combining the gym with frequent yoga exercises to help tone me up and just feel more physically tired. Just need to stop eating the hob nobs, then I’ll be fit and healthy.

Overall, the beginning of semester 2 hasn’t been too bad. Just a few things to sort out in an attempt to destress my life but then again, is it possible to ever destress one’s life?


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