La La Land

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Returning uni next week means I miss my only sister’s 13th birthday and because it’s a pretty big thing turning a teenager, I felt it was only right that we should do something more grown up and independent; whilst still maintaining that element of fun that you never want to lose.
As much as she wanted to watch ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ and ‘A Monster Calls’, it appeared that it was only because her friends had seen them and wanting to fit in so did she. I know her, and I know she loves musicals and the magical element of music and dance I thought’La La Land’ would suit her down to the ground.

La La Land and its actors (Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone) have been nominated for various awards and has been reviewed highly by an incredible amount of critics. I was very excited to see it because the trailer looked incredible but when it came to the opening scene and song, my heart flopped. It looked amazing and well constructed but, for me, the song just fell flat and I really hoped that the rest of the songs weren’t as flat in feeling throughout the rest of the film.
I was wrong, it was all up from there. The dances were beautiful and punchy, at times it felt like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were dancing again. The songs were unexpected at times and the lyrics sounded so simple but held such a deeper meaning. I honestly fell in love with Sebastian and Mia during their duet together, they weren’t actors in that moment. They were the real deal. I was amazed by Gosling and Stone and their effortlessness throughout the film because it didn’t look like they had to spend hours practicing singing, dancing and playing piano, it looked all too natural to them. They should win an award just for that. They are true actors that have surpassed my expectations.

I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet watched it but it did reduce me to tears at the end. It made me realise how real Sebastian and Mia’s story was, and how real all our lives are. The director didn’t glamourise the twists and turns that life has for every individual and as much as the ending upset me and even annoyed me; we can’t all have it our own way. The one big problem I did have with it is that it looked like Mia had some serious daddy issues going on, she went from Sebastian to that man. A downgrade if you ask me.

I was enamored by La La Land and it’s creativity that as soon as I returned home from the cinema, I ordered the soundtrack because it was such a burst of creativity and happiness that I’m going to play on repeat back in my university halls. It was an incredible film and it won’t surprise me if after I’ve finished writing this I log in to Amazon again and preorder the DVD.




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