Self-value & Self-worth

Self image and self worth are becoming increasingly important more and more in the Internet day and age, where we are all consumed with social media and the popularity of certain celebrities. Adults and children, especially, value themselves based on likes and comments on photos not necessarily of themselves but also their surroundings, passions, interests and hobbies.

A current and rather politic example is that there are individuals around the world that feel victimised by the colour of their skin don’t base their own self worth on the disgusting way they are treated. Instead they have a strong sense of determination to better themselves by embracing what they have and make it work for them. So why does only 11 likes determine our own self worth? We’re all valuable and incredible in our own right and an iPhone 6S or even a Canon 6D can’t show your whole personalities, those little bits that light up other people’s lives.
Even I ask myself “What am I missing that [insert name here] has?” And this is because I’ve let the likes and those people that I follow and admire take control of me when there is no need. Our own self worth exists within ourselves and those that we hold dear to us. My love of literature is one of the most important features of myself because I can pick up a book and read to deal with a variety of emotions. A camera will never capture that, I may post it on instagram but others won’t understand the importance behind it and maybe that is what is missing or those that follow me don’t understand this connection between books and me. And that’s okay. It doesn’t make me any less of a person or my value to decrease just because others don’t share the same passion.

If you ever find your mind wandering to why you aren’t as perfect as Lily Collins, or as pretty as Kaya Scodelario, or as fit and healthy as Jessica Ennis- Hill; whoever your idols may be then just assess what makes them different to yourself and if they are that much better then change small bits about yourself. Only bits that might make you into a better person, like adopting a positive attitude, or compulsively lying about petty things or swearing in every sentence (it’s not needed). Through these small improvements you can still be yourself but know that you have tried your best to be the best person you can and have inspiration from those you truly admire.

We all need to take a break from the addiction of scrolling through our instagram feed and sharing photos for attention rather than enjoyment, then maybe we are able to get back in touch with ourselves and realise that our value as a person is not determine through a photo but through our interests, passions, hobbies or zodiac sign (if you believe in that kind of stuff). No one is worth less of a person compared to anyone else.


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