Never talk about religion and politics

Never talk about politics or religion as I found out today. It’s not that they’re inappropriate; it’s just that they’re very debatable topics. Don’t get me wrong they do make the most interesting of conversations, however because of the range of opinions that it harbours it means that it is extremely unlikely that you will ever meet someone with the same views as you.

The problem with talking about politics and religion is that the variety of opinions often causes arguments. They don’t take the debate form as it appears impossible to change people’s views on the world except it is just a battle of beliefs. Some people will strongly believe that what Margaret Thatcher did during her time in the office was a force for good, compared to the policies of Tony Blair however they will never be able to change your opinion. I personally believe it is due to the experiences that each individual has. These experiences change us either for the better or the worse but they still influence our world. This is why we have a democracy. So everyone’s opinions and experiences can come through to change the world we live in and better the next generation’s opportunities in life.

Arguing over something that is important and fundamental over each person’s life is pointless because we live in a democratic society and we each decide as a majority what is right for the country – therefore it is pointless arguing over the EU referendum. We have left/will leave the EU so we should just accept it and make our lives as comfortable for each other as possible. Rather than what is currently going on and arguing and turning people against one another for a difference in opinion. It is getting to the point where members of some families feel uncomfortable talking to their parents, brothers, sisters, aunts etc. because of this.

Religion is far more private than politics and can cause far worse consequences. In most western countries politics and prime ministers/presidents are chosen through a democratic process whereas religious beliefs are strictly personal. An argument over a person’s religious beliefs is where everything begins to fall apart, politics have always been a debatable subject. Religion is not. If an individual believes something entirely different to you and you don’t understand why or disagree, it makes sense to widen your knowledge and understand others by asking why; not shouting that your views are correct and the only right beliefs. Who knows what is true and what is not in the world of religion, it is based on belief rather than knowledge.

People can learn so much from another’s religion or an atheist or an agnostic. That’s why it is such a fundamental lesson in many British schools especially with the evidence that society is becoming increasingly secular. Religion is not just about the traditional Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikh, Hinduism and Buddhism but all about the diverse spiritual religions that people put their faith into. It is rarely talked about in a serious way because people get stereotyped – if you use Tarot cards you’re a pagan or a witch. So what if they are, that needs to be addressed in society. So maybe we should talk about religion. Just not to the extent that we are downgrading others for something they find peace in.

Religion and politics are becoming increasingly important to everyday society and the subjects are not light and should not be taken with a light-hearted view because they are so serious to each individual. They are meant to be used to draw people closer together not break society apart and that’s what I believe we have lost in this day and age – a sense of community.

However, I don’t recommend talking about these subjects at a formal event or a work meal because who knows how the conversation could end, maybe just stick to those you are closer to.


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